If you plan to be one of the 8200 at Comerica Park on Opening Day, you’ll have a new way to get around. GEST Carts is the newest rideshare service to land in downtown Detroit.  The upstart company will begin offering free rides in electric golf carts in and around downtown starting on opening day.  The free rides are courtesy of sponsors paying for add space, so there’s no price for admission there. The co-founder says this ride sharing service will benefit customers and advertisers: “There’s no free transportation down here. I mean basically if you’re at midtown and you need to go to Comerica Park you’re going to have move your car for the most part and pay for parking again, so this allows you to not have to do that. Also it gives our sponsors a way to get their brand out even more.” GEST hopes to have six to 10 cards gliding around Detroit by the summer.